• HomeBond is the leading provider of structural defect cover for new homes in the Republic of Ireland since 1978.
  • HomeBond is the leading provider of structural defect cover for new homes in the Republic of Ireland since 1978.

Latent Defects Insurance "Structural & Equipment Protection for Houses & Apartments"

Latent Defects Insurance 'Structural & Equipment Protection for Houses & Apartments' is now available with a choice of 2 no. insurance policies - Essential 300 Policy Document or Essential 500 Policy Document - both providing cover for housing & apartment developments (incl. cover for basements, common areas, damage affecting significant use of the dwelling, fire safety non-compliance, mechanical & electrical equipment, structure, waterproof envelope) ** whether Build to Sell (BTS), Build to Rent (BTR), Private Rental Schemes (PRS) or Social / Affordable Housing, and all valid claims falling within the scope of cover** are dealt with by the A++ rated underwriter HSB Engineering Insurance Ltd; and with options to select various Periods of Cover 5/5/10yr cover or 10/10/10yr cover or 12/12/12yr under Sections 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 in the Policy Document, as well as cover for Loss of Deposit (applies where the Builder / Developer receives the contract deposit, and is subject to additional terms & conditions) and Loss of Rent cover in apartment developments.

**All Definitions are as set out in the Policy Document.
Section 1.1 Loss of Deposit,
Section 1.2 Defects Insurance,
Section 1.3 Equipment Insurance,
Section 1.4 Structural Insurance

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Homebond first produced its House Building Manual in 1993 and the bestselling publication is considered the housebuilder’s bible and is a standard reference book on construction sites and design offices and is used in many third level construction related courses. The increasing complexity of the Building Regulations, the Construction Products Regulation and the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations make it critical for all in the residential construction sector to have an in-depth understanding of the relevant legislation and practical compliance requirements; and the 8th edition of the Manual containing more than 1,000 drawings and charts and colour photographs from foundation to completion has been updated to reflect recent revisions to the Building Regulations, Building Control Regulations, Construction Products Regulation, European & Irish Standards, and construction industry guidance including changes and updates to Technical Guidance Documents A – M and in particular Part D Materials & Workmanship, Part B Fire Safety and Part L Conservation of Fuel & Energy and Mechanical & Electrical Services.

A replica PDF of the print edition of the Manual is now accessible as an eManual across desktop, mobile and tablet devices or within a native mobile app on iOS and Android; and it contains additional enhancements to increase reader engagement and a modern user experience including Article View, Image Galleries and Videos, and readers can easily browse through the eManual via several navigation options, and it can be viewed in single page or double page mode. Our digital subscription allows instant access through the App and Web browser; and we can offer corporate digital subscriptions, invoiced annually with group rates available according to volume of users required. Please contact info@homebond.ie with the number of users you would like to have access, and we will be happy to provide a quotation. Additional features include BuildSmart FAQs , ProductCheck, Technical Extra, 3D Viewer and digital Magazines.

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HomeBond is the leading provider of structural defect cover for new homes in the Republic of Ireland since 1978. To date more than 600,000 homes have been registered with HomeBond.

For Home Buyers the purchase of a new home is probably the biggest investment they are ever likely to make. It is vital therefore that this asset is protected.


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